CO2 Emissions Reduction and Fuel Efficiency

Boating enthusiasts and commercial boat owners alike are always looking for ways to improve their vessel's performance. In today’s market, one of the most innovative solutions to come along in recent years is the revolutionary use of Finsulate products. This no-paint, no-scrape, non-toxic foul-release wrap for boats is applied to the hull and bottom of a boat and can not only reduce a vessel’s CO2 emissions but also allow for more efficient use of fuel.

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How Finsulate Reduces Your Boats Carbon Footprint Infographic

Finsulate Helps Your Boat’s Engine Work Smoothly

Traditional antifouling paints tend to require regular maintenance and repainting to maintain their effectiveness. However, the antifouling Finsulate wrap lasts for several years and protects against the buildup of marine growth on the hull of a boat; this buildup can cause drag, which then slows down the vessel and makes the engine work harder just to go the same speed. Finsulate products can help make your fuel use more efficient by ensuring your engine doesn’t have to work harder than needed.


Finsulate Helps Protect the Environment

This type of antifouling wrap for perusal or commercial boats can also help reduce your impact on the marine environment. Finsulate products are designed to avoid the buildup of algae, barnacles, and mussels on the bottom of a vessel without deteriorating over time. Traditional antifouling paint can wear down over time and pollute marine environments over time; not to mention the increased fuel use of your boat can lead to higher CO2 emissions being released into the air. Our antifouling wrap ensures this is not an issue!


How An Antifouling Wrap Works

Finsulate antifouling wraps create a slick surface that marine growth cannot attach to. This means your boat can maintain its top speed without having to work harder to overcome drag caused by marine growth. These products are also non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals that can leach into the water and harm marine life. To have this applied to the bottom of your boat, you can contact one of our trained installers!

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Save money on fuel costs and reduce your carbon footprint with Finsulate film! Check out this game-changing antifouling wrap technology for the commercial boat owner or leisure boat enthusiast!

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