Finsulate Products Available Nationwide

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A No Paint, No Scrape, Non-Toxic Foul Release Wrap for Commercial & Leisure Boats

  • Suitable for pleasure craft, yachts and vessels
  • Designed for salt and freshwater

  • Delivers maximum foul release performance

  • Requires minimal maintenance

Finsulate Seagrade has been developed primarily for use in saltwater environments, although it is also effective in freshwater. Finsulate Seagrade provides maximum foul release efficiency, preventing the hull growth of barnacles, plume worms, or other marine organisms. Should any of these organisms appear on the hull of your yacht due to your boat being idle for an extended period of time, they are very easy to remove.

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  • Suitable for yachts & motorboats

  • Designed for freshwater

  • Provides adequate foul release performance

  • Requires little to no maintenance

Finsulate Lakegrade has been developed for use in freshwaters, although it can handle the occasional trip into salt waters. The biggest challenge for freshwater boat owners is to prevent mussel and algae growth, as well as the accumulation of chalk. Lakegrade prevents most of these types of on-growth, and in any cases where they do take hold, they can easily be removed with power washing.

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  • Suitable for yachts & speedboats

  • Designed for saltwater

  • Easy to clean design

  • Optimized for boat speed

Finsulate Speedgrade is specifically designed for yachts and commercial speed vessels. This foul release wrap is designed to optimize the speed of your watercraft. Even if the on-growth of organisms occurs, especially in saltwater, such growth will be light and easy to remove.

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  • Suitable for Vessels & Offshore Constructions

  • Designed for both salt and freshwater

  • Delivers maximum foul release performance

  • Maximum endurance of up to 20 years

Finsulate Seagrade EL, our most heavy-duty foul release solution, has been developed for ships and marine structures that will be in the water for more than five years, including offshore constructions, floating production storage and offloading vessels, or large cargo ships. Seagrade EL can also be a suitable foul release solution for catamarans that have few occasions for dry docking.

Seagrade EL can reach a lifespan of 20 years.

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Finsulate Foul-Release Advantages

When you trust Finsulate for your boat’s foul release needs, you’ll be taking advantage of:

  • A better foul release solution similar in price to traditional applications

  • A solution that is less expensive over time

  • Sustainable and ecologically responsible boat protection

  • Nationwide availability

  • Foul release that is applicable to all surfaces