Owning a boat can be a thrilling experience, especially when you get the chance to take it out on the open waters and explore. Unfortunately, with the privilege of owning a boat comes the responsibility of taking care of it. One of the most labor-intensive, and expensive, parts of boat ownership is antifouling painting.

Antifouling painting is the process of coating the hull of the boat with a paint that is designed to discourage the growth of marine organisms like barnacles and algae. While it is necessary to protect your boat from these organisms, it can be a costly and time-consuming process that can take days or even weeks to complete. It also poses a negative environmental impact, as the toxins...


Cognitive dissonance theory is a psychological theory that explains how people attempt to reduce the psychological discomfort caused by conflicting beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. This theory is essential to understanding why people do, or do not, take action in response to difficult issues, such as plastic waste in our oceans.

In today’s blog post from Finsulate, we are going to explore the idea of cognitive dissonance and how we can utilize it to help people change their behavior. Read on to learn more.


Biomimicry is a field of science that seeks to understand how organisms in nature solve problems and then apply that knowledge to create solutions for human problems. In simple terms, biomimicry is learning from and then mimicking the strategies used by nature to solve problems.

At Finsulate®, we use biomimicry to understand how nature's strategies can be applied to develop antifouling efficiency, preventing the hull growth of barnacles, plume worms, or other marine organisms on boats and other vessels. Let’s further explore this concept:

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