Invasive Species

Finsulate USA is the top level of foul-release wraps in the industry. Our goal is to protect your water vessel! In this blog post, we’d like to talk about Invasive species, which refer to non-native aquatic organisms that have been introduced into a new ecosystem and have the potential to cause harm to native species and their habitats. These invasive species can outcompete and displace native species, disrupt food chains, alter water quality, and affect other ecological processes.

Invasive Species infographic
zebra mussels

What Are Invasive Species

Examples of invasive water species include zebra mussels, Asian carp, lionfish, and hydrilla. These species can be introduced through various means, such as accidental release from aquariums, unintentional transfer from boats and water vessels, or intentional introduction for recreational or commercial purposes.

coral reef

The Impact

The effects of invasive water species can be severe and long-lasting, and they can be difficult to control or eradicate once established. If an invasive species is detected, rapid response measures may be necessary to prevent its spread and minimize its impact. You can make a difference by protecting your vessel, you are far less likely to spread invasive species!

boat viewed from underwater


Fouling wraps work by creating a barrier between the boat and the water, preventing any invasive species that may be present in one body of water from attaching to the boat and being transported to a new location. They are particularly effective for preventing the spread of species that attach to boats or other surfaces, such as zebra mussels or quagga mussels.

Our antifouling coating is designed to provide a barrier between the vessel and the fouling organisms, making it difficult for them to attach to the hull and form a fouling layer. This helps to reduce the amount of maintenance that needs to be done on the vessel and helps to reduce the environmental impact of fouling. Take action today!

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